Fall Garden Update

Fall has been a great time in the garden and now we’re starting to settle into winter. Meeting many new faces in the garden and at community meals has been a pleasure. We came back from summer to a thriving garden, and what soon turned into a thriving new community. Meals have been excellent, lots of zucchini and pumpkin bread in the kitchens. Saturday workdays have been happenin’, with so many helping hands that it’s sometimes a challenge to find enough projects to work on.

We spent a day out at Shumei farm in Bonny Doon learning about “natural agriculture” and building terraces. A few weeks ago we decided to take out some asphalt in the C quad that was cut long ago. We broke out the digging bars, protective goggles, pickaxes and went to town. Now the asphalt and gravel is out, lots of compost was incorporated, and cover crop is in. In the spring we’ll put in an herb spiral.

In the garden we made a new bed in front of the apple trees, right now it’s planted in a brassica mix of collards, kale, and cabbage. Under the fruit trees we’ve been working on a perennial vegetable section, with tree collards, a perennial tomatillo (Incan ground cherry), and a melon-like perennial squash for now. Other new plants in the garden include a loganberry, two currant bushes, and a mulberry tree. Over by the compost area we dug out the coyote brush and planted a few more pineapple guavas and a cattley guava. In progress projects are the construction of the A quad herb spiral and also a medicinal herb spiral in the garden.

As always, the garden continues to be a place for our learning, enjoyment, growth, and connection to each other and to the Earth. Come by if you get a chance, check out the new solar-powered fountain and grab a fig or two.

Sean Dugan, Garden Coordinator


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