Spring Awakening

This spring as the storms subside and the sun starts shining, all of UCSC is going to blossom – including the people!  Let’s take full advantage of the rising tide of energy and the natural beauty and warmth of the springtime to nourish our community and ourselves by getting together and getting outside.

All of us PICAns have truly awesome seedling ideas of fun community endeavors – let’s let them blossom this spring along with our garden and the wildlife!  I propose we start having bi-monthly meetings to share our idea-seeds and help each other sprout them, firmly establish their roots, and eventually harvest the good times. The weather outside will be perfect for day and night hikes, stargazing, camping trips, yoga on the beach, and, of course, sitting out on the lawn doing nothing.  Our garden will be thriving with plant life – with a little planning we can make it thrive with music and people life too!  The plants will be nourished by our lovely melodic sounds.

Let’s nourish ourselves as well, with yoga, breathing, and meditation.  As a community that is committed to sustainable living, taking care of ourselves and releasing the stress of university life is a crucial step in being able to keep working throughout our lives to make a difference in the world.

Another way of nourishing ourselves, perhaps PICA’s favorite way, is through food.  We could start having nutrition-conscious potlucks where everyone brings a dish that fosters health and shares a bit about why.

Lastly, we could start using our PICA residents’ email list to inform everyone in our community if, say, we are planning on going on a hike on a particular night and we would like to offer up the opportunity for others to join. Let’s awaken the sleeping beauty of PICA’s potential to become an evermore flourishing community where every day and night there’s something wonderful happening – let’s make our ideas come alive!

Carpe diem!  And let the sun shine!

Julieanne Conard, PICA resident and Compost Coordinator


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