Life After PICA

My name is Joe Coberly and I am a PICA Alum, having graduated in 2006.  Now, I run a company called Edible Ecoscapes, a sustainable landscaping business. I also teach garden classes at two schools, Ohlone Elementary and Pajaro Valley High School in Watsonville.

PICA has had a great influence on my life. I joined PICA in 2005, doing the 1 credit Garden class and the PICA seminar. This experience furthered my knowledge and passion for Organic Agriculture and community collaboration. Wanting more of the PICA experience, I moved into the Food Not Lawns house formerly known as the PICA house. This house was started by PICA alumni who helped create the PICA program at UCSC. From my knowledge of and interest in this lifestyle, I am now working to create edible ecological gardens for residents and schools and hoping to catalyze a similar collaborative community experience through this work.

Thanks for being a part of PICA, we need more people like you!

Joe Coberly, PICA Alum


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