Cob Oven Project

Hello PICA Newsletter readers! Our latest agroecology construction project is a cob oven to compliment the up-and-coming Green Kitchen at the Sustainable Living Center. Cob, an alternative building material, is made of clay-rich earth, sand, and straw mixed together. Cob is a sustainable building material that has been in use for thousands of years in Central America and England. The cob oven is intended for PICAns and UCSC campus community members alike to bake the most delicious foods their hearts and minds can come up with. The oven, a symbol of collectivity, is shared from the building process, to the stoking of the fire to heat it, to the baking and eating of the earth’s bounty. This community building project happened over the course of four beautiful Saturdays this spring quarter. The workshops were sponsored by the Student Environmental Center’s Green Building Campaign in collaboration with PICA.

Carson Watts is a Student Environmental Center intern with the Green Building Campaign. He is spending his summer leading rafting trips but will return for one final day to finish the cob oven and bake pizza in it!


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