Fermentation Poem


Alive in flavor,

lasting with micro bacteria as the “savior.”

Milk turns to cheese with lactobacilli.

Omega 3’s fight disease.

Fermies may attract the wormies,

but they help me digest and prevent scurvy!

Let’s make a crock of sauerkraut,

Bake a loaf of sourdough,

Drink a glass of wine with cheese you know!

All is in the transition from life to death.

Honor the living with a new colony.

You don’t want life to be a monopoly.

So let’s be conscious when we eat our yogurt and oatmeal and for breakfast,

Sandwich with tempeh, pickles and the rest of it!

When the sun sets and dinner is served miso and beer will make me warm and sooth my nerves.

I am grateful for life and I am grateful for all that dies,

I am grateful for the micro bacteria in the skies!

Vanessa Faryan has been an inspired PICA community resident this year. She taught several fermentation workshops, was a Compost Ranger, and cultivated food and community in the garden.


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