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To the wonderful PICA community,

As the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close, I want to thank each and every one of the PICAns for the energy and enthusiasm they gave to the PICA Program this year.  The seeds that were planted last September have germinated, grown, and produced fruit.

It has been an exciting year of activity and accomplishments. Just look at the Foundational Roots Garden, and you will see what I mean.   It is full of diversity, energy, hard work, and good things to harvest and eat.  Think back on all the delicious community meals that you have consumed.   You have set the bar for what it means to eat local, eat healthy, and build community.  Saturday workdays have become a tradition, as you not only brought the PICA community together in the garden, but also opened it up to involvement from students from across campus.  You have shown what it means to engage sustainability at every step of the food system, from the seed and soil to the table (and thanks to composting – back again!).

Thanks are also in order for the excellent guidance, support, and mentoring from our special staff of Bee, Bethany, and Mira, as well as our CUIP intern Andrew.  What an amazing team!

For those of you who are graduating and moving on to the next phase of your lives, I know that you will be carrying with you the agroecological thinking about food and the food system.  I also know that you will be at the center of community building wherever you go next.  For those of you who will still be near campus, but not living in The Village, I know that you will carry with you the traditions and commitment to living sustainably that you absorbed when you were here.   You are still PICAns, so stop by as often as you can.  And for those of you who will be returning to PICA next year, or those who will be new PICAns, I look forward to sharing more agroecology and community with you.

Have a great summer, and may your harvests be plentiful.


Steve Gliessman, Ruth and Alfred Heller Professor Emeritus of Agroecology, is the founder and director of PICA and the Sustainable Living Center


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