Connecting with Other Campus Gardeners

166714_10151432532794154_418415471_nYou might have seen us on a Friday morning in front of S&E or McHenry library, kind garden gnomes sitting behind a table with veggies, fliers, and CAN coffee, eager to share our garden work hours and the delicious greens from that morning’s harvest. It has been a great experience to collaborate with all of the other campus gardeners this past year. PICA in addition to Kresge, College Eight, Stevenson and Oaks garden have come together to put on bi-quarterly student garden market carts. Student garden market carts happen throughout the year to promote all the various events gardeners are involved in and to share our modest produce with all UCSC students, which are given away for free. In our best efforts we are trying to provide fresh and organic veggies to all! There are beautiful, bountiful student gardens on campus and we want to make their presence known to the greater UCSC community.

Lidia2About the Author:

Lidia Tropeano is a 2nd year PICAn, Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in Environmental Education and Sustainability, and beet lover! When she’s not speaking Italian she likes to communicate via garden dance moves.


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