ESLP: Food Perspectives and Gardening Practicum

    -2I have had the great honor to co-facilitate an ESLP (Education for Sustainable Living Program) class on food systems and gardening with my dear friend and PICAn Matt Sanford. Our class has had such vibrancy throughout the quarter, my peers came in with eagerness to get dirty in the garden, and to learn skills to implement in future endeavors. It has been an amazing  and enlightening experience to discuss the challenges surrounding the food system with our class.  We have a wide range of life experiences and majors, so every perspective sheds light on the topic from a different point of view.  By meticulously journaling our consumptive choices in a food journal we discussed our impact within the food system and questioned all the factors involved, which generated awareness and stimulated change.

We tended to the garden, breaking our backs double digging, created a compost pile that reached the top of our heads, mulched and cover cropped, planted tomatoes in our hugelkultur bed, propagated and exploring the Chadwick garden and farm for inspiration. The PICA garden has been the home to our class for the past 10 weeks, and each Thursday after laboring away we have come together to share a community meal. I have loved the excitement of our class and will miss it dearly.

63711_10151266080389154_790539103_nAbout the Author:

Lidia Tropeano is a 2nd year PICAn, Environmental Studies major with an emphasis in Environmental Education and Sustainability, and beet lover! When she’s not speaking Italian she likes to communicate via garden dance moves.


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