PICA Spring Workshops

PICA has hosted three workshops in the Spring of 2013: Permaculture, Sourdough, and Sprouting.

004UCSC students were welcomed to PICA on April 21st, 2013 for the Permaculture Workshop to learn about ecological design and self-maintained agricultural systems. Cabrillo College Permaculture teacher (and founder of local business, Terranova) Ken Foster, lectured about the 10 principles of agriculture. Then participants implemented them in the garden in a group led by Alex Aaron, founder of Natural Abundance Landscape, a nursery in Kauai.

002On May 5th, 2013 PICA resident Matthew Sanford taught the Sourdough Workshop in the Village’s F-quad kitchen. UCSC students learned how to make homemade sourdough, sampled different kinds of sourdough and took home starter and instructions.

001On May 24th, 2013 PICA hosted a Sprouting Workshop in the village F-quad kitchen. UCSC students learned how to make sprouts and started their own sprouting kits. Students also received handouts on all the information covered and recipes made.

About the Author

loraHi, I’m Lora Johansen, the events coordinator here at PICA. I am a sophmore studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology here at UCSC. I love sailing, gardening, cooking,reading, and meeting new friends. So please feel free to introduce yourself!


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