2013-2014 Year of Garden Coordination By Molly Travis

I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I started working in the gardens! It looks similar to the end of last year, when the prime harvest season unfortunately begins near the beginning summer.  We’ve had a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including cherry tomatoes until November and yummy greens from the Urban Garden and greenhouse. Sure, we shared some of our produce with our animal and insect neighbors; but as part of the growing cycle, we all benefit by sharing.

One of my favorite projects and accomplishments from this year are the beautiful display of tulips and daffodils behind B-1. It was the first display of springtime in the garden! Another thing that was fun to transform was the empty aquaponics system that we turned into a permaculture keyhole bed. I hope everyone has enjoyed some of the potatoes and nasturtiums that have grown from it. Garden workshops and lessons were probably my favorite, including fruit tree pruning, garlic planting, and mosaics! I can see all of the things that we have been involved in throughout the year, and the garden looks all the better for it.  Thanks everyone for the great year! IMGP1724


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