Resident Assistant Zoe Manoguerra

Working with a supportive leadership team this past year has allowed me to achieve certain goals that I do not think I would have been able to in another work environment. As an RA I work to support and build the PICA community by providing resources and activities for PICAns to enjoy. Fostering a bond within an intentional living space has been a rewarding experience, one that seems unfailable. This is because the students who live here are driven and willing to work to build community just as much as me. I have been inspired by many residents to host events such as tie dying, pot lucks, and a natural body products workshop. Being the PICA RA is really about listening to what the community wants and giving them the tools and materials to make it happen. I feel incredibly lucky to have held this potion and know too, that I am passing it off into good hands. Thank you PICA residents, leadership staff, and professional staff for providing for me and all of us to make PICA what we love.



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Filed under Spring 2011

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