Coming Soon: Student Garden Market Carts

My name is Ariel Wexler and I am PICA’s Program Assistant. This year I am coordinating Student Garden Market Cart’s. The Student Garden Market Cart is when representatives from student campus gardens table on campus and hand out free produce to students. Students are then encouraged to sign up for our mailing list and hopefully participate in our gardens workdays/events. The Market Cart is a great way for PICA to make connections with other student gardens, in addition to outreaching to students about the work we are doing. In the past PICA has collaborated with Kresge, Stevenson, and College Eight gardens. There will be two Market Carts in Winter and Spring quarters.


This Fall I planned one Market Cart however, I look forward to building better connections with students from the other gardens to get more participation. I will work on getting dates for Winter Quarter the first week of next quarter so that I have more time to adequately outreach for them. I’m excited about the upcoming Market Carts; I am envisioning lots of veggies, and CAN coffee for students to enjoy.

About the Author: Ariel is a fourth year Environmental Studies Major and Jewish Studies minor.   This is Ariel’s third year as a PICA resident. Ariel is passionate about the intersection between food, environmentalism, and ancient Jewish practices and texts.



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