Compost Updates from Justine

Greetings friends, Villagers, and PICAns! As you might already know, I am your  friendly neighborhood Compost Coordinator, and I have great news for you all–the Village Compost System has been a success this quarter (as always)! We’ve gathered several hundred pounds of food waste from our ecologically minded Village residents and successfully turned what would be trash in a landfill into nutrient rich compost to help sustain our A and B quad gardens in the village.


I’m happy to report that our workdays have been very productive with volunteers ready to turn, sift, and build these huge piles of organic waste.  I am thankful for all of you who have come out to get your hands that special kind of dirty that only a good composting can offer you! For all of you who are interested in composting, please feel free to email me ( or chat me up if you see me working. I’m happy to answer any and all of your composting questions. As for the new year, we are working on cooking up a special compost video art project and worm composting workshop in the Spring for Village residents.  Thank you again for all of your interest and support, and keep up the great work! Be well and compost!


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